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Home Movie: 11779: Graphman Collection

Published 1935

to come

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Audio/Visual B&W


Reviewer: etchasketchy - - March 16, 2015
Subject: Trip through Quebec
Really nice trip through Canada starting at Niagra Falls. I only wish I could identify more of the locations. The city scenes appear to be primarily Quebec City. @5:08 is a shot of the Hotel Clarendon, which is still operating. There's also a shot of the Hotel Chateau Frontenac, taken from across the St Lawrence River.

The travelers continue north through Quebec and visit a grotto, and then Montmorency Falls, The Manoir Montmorency (burned down in 1993) and finally end up in Gaspe, at the far eastern point of Quebec.It would be a crazy road trip to take today, I can only imagine it in 1935. There are probably a lot of areas that haven't changed much!

There are some really lovely shots of the countryside, and of the people. Plus carts being pulled by dogs, horses, and cows. Really enjoyable film.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - August 25, 2014
Subject: May Oui?
Movie that seems to have the viewer in France (or maybe Quebec?) lots of shots of French countryside, and of streetsigns. There's some cute girls at the beginning, and some various other people shots.
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